HEATHER TUCKER | Hetty’s Party Tape


Heather Tucker 40 year old with a large selection of mixtapes from my misspent youth as they were the currency of the college years – make a new friend? Give ‘em a mix tape. Want to impress a boy? Give him a mix tape. Having a party? Make a mix tape. So I Have a box full now. I couldn’t afford many records so tapes were how I extended my music collection.

This tape’s selection of tracks was for my 19th birthday but I don’t think a huge amount of care was taken about making an atmosphere of following a logical progression. I was self obsessed enough just to want to inflict my taste on the captive audience. So we veered from the ridiculous There’s A Hole In My Shoe (ext. 12″ version) by Neil (from the Young Ones) to the sublime Here Comes Your Man by The Pixies. I played it regularly after the party though so I enjoyed it anyway!

Hole in My Shoe is a song by English rock band Traffic. Neil’s version was produced by Dave Stewart.

I looked to the sky
Where an elephant’s eye
Was looking at me