Paul Cook I have always been a serial music lover and during the cassette years I was also a prolific mixtape maker. Whether I was trying to woo or wow I loved making mixes. From gathering tracks and planning the order through to the joy of unwrapping a new C90 and pushing PLAY & RECORD I was in my element.

I am not sure why this mixtape from December 1998 did not make it to the intended recipient but it does demonstrate my then obsession with trip-hop, big beat and the more tuneful end of dance music. I often made people the light and dark formula; one side all up tunes and the other more chilled but the most important track was always Side One, Track One: The hook in the ear.

Butterfly is the second track and also the second single from Ok, the debut of Talvin Singh. OK was released november 9, 1998 and won the Mercury Music Prize for 1999, making it one of the smallest sellers in the award’s history

Teardrop on the fire
Fearless on my breath